Thai SPA treatments

Each of our treatments is a unique set of events that will leave you light and relaxed. Treatments are performed by Thai masseuse 100% in accordance with Thai art. Each treatment ends with a traditional Thai drink called Nam Matoom, with a delicate bittersweet taste. The drink is made from a fruit called Bael. The drink regulates bowel function and stimulates metabolism. It also prevents colds and upper respiratory tract infections.

Thai face and head massage with selected mask

Massage + mask
Time (60 min)
Thai face and head massage + gold maska
180 PLN
120 PLN*
Thai face and head massage + pearl mask
160 PLN
100 PLN*

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Thai face massage - is not only a pleasant, but above all a useful procedure whose main task is to restore body energy. This massage is designed to provide physical comfort and emotional stability... read on ->>

Thai body regeneration (day spa)

Treatment / time
Body peeling (approx. 40 min) + shower
140 PLN
100 PLN*
Algae on the body (approx. 40 min) + shower
180 PLN
130 PLN*
Body peeling + shower + oil massage (approx. 90 min)
220 PLN
160 PLN*
Body peeling + shower + algae + shower + oil massage (approx. 150 min)
340 PLN
250 PLN*
Body peeling + shower + algae + shower + oil massage + facial massage with mask (approx. 210 min)
420 PLN
320 PLN*
Face massage with mask + oil massage (about 120 min)
250 PLN
200 PLN*

* check our promotions

This is an amazing treatment consisting of a whole body peeling. After the body peeling, a shower is required, and immediately after it clay or algae are applied to the whole body. After drying and absorption of the clay / algae through the skin, a re-shower is required after which a Thai massage with aromatic oils is performed. Instead of massage with aromatic oils, you can choose any other treatment (e.g. hot coconut oil massage, candle massage, hot stone massage ...) and a sauna. Sauna is recommended after peeling, before applying algae on ->>