Thai massage with hot herbal compress (stamps)

Massage with herbal stamps is performed using white cotton bags containing a mixture of herbs that have a beneficial effect on the human body. These include: lemongrass, turmeric, eucalyptus leaves, ginger or cinnamon. Herbal stamps are heated before massage to release the essential oils accumulated in them, and then massaged into the body. Herbal massage, in addition to a strong relaxing effect, also has an analgesic effect and stimulates metabolism. In Thailand it is often used as a "first aid kit" for various diseases.

Indications for massage with hot herbal compress

Due to the ingredients contained therein, herbal stamp massage is recommended for people who suffer from muscle pain, chronically tired, stressed and those who work in a sitting position. Massage with herbal stamps is also to help those who want to reduce cellulite or lose weight, because the treatment speeds up the metabolism. Massage with herbal stamps is also recommended as a way to strengthen immunity and nourish the skin.

Contraindications for massage with hot herb stamps

It is also worth adding that there are quite a few contraindications for herbal stamp massage. It cannot be used by women during menstruation, as well as those who are pregnant. In addition, people suffering from permanent widening of the surface veins, i.e. varicose veins and those who have problems with blood clotting, should not sign up for the procedure. If the skin has blisters, it is cracked, injured, if there are skin diseases, you also need to give up massage with herbal stamps.