Thai foot and head massage (reflexology)

Reflexology or "zonal" therapy - a holistic therapy method. It involves compressing the right points called reflexes that are on your feet, hands and face. According to supporters of this method, each of these points corresponds to a specific organ, internal organ or body part. According to people involved in this method by compressing these places with the thumb and fingers, circulation is improved and the nervous system is stimulated to regulate disturbed body functions. Reflexologists say that this helps the natural healing process.

According to reflexology, the human body is divided into 5 pairs of zones, called wives, which run from the top of the head to the feet and hands, where they end in reflection areas. If one of the organs is present in one or two wives, the corresponding area of reflection can be found in the same zone on the feet. When we oppress these places, we stimulate the flow of energy, which is to heal the organs in the zone.

Reflexology, being a holistic therapy, is based on a concept in which the entire human body is reflected in its individual parts. According to this theory, none of the organs functions in isolation, but cooperates with others for the health of the whole body. Therefore, the accumulation of toxins in one part of the body leads to the fact that the others have to work harder to compensate for energy disorders. By working on foot reflexes, the reflexologist is to remove toxins blocking energy channels and bring the body to a natural state of energy balance.


Reflexological massage is recommended especially for the following conditions: pains in the spine, neck; problems with stiff muscles; headaches and migraines; sinus diseases; insomnia; weight loss problems; bladder disorders; upper respiratory tract infections; gastrointestinal disorders such as heartburn, irritable bowel syndrome; eczema and acne in adults.


  • pregnancy with normal course (do not massage the reproductive organs' reflexes);
  • pregnancy at risk;
  • severe infections with fever;
  • fracture
  • foot damage;
  • diseases requiring surgical treatment;
  • athlete's foot;
  • inflammation of the venous vessels and lymphatic system.