Thai rehabilitation massage

Rehabilitation massage is nothing more than a specialist classic Thai massage. Massage requires more experience and knowledge of body building from the therapist. This massage is intended for people with bone and muscular problems, back pain, muscle injuries, inflammation. It is based on selected Thai massage techniques, focused directly on the patient's problem, and not like classic Thai massage, which is a general whole body massage. Rehabilitation massage can be very painful and is not recommended for people who cannot withstand intense pain. After the massage, there may be increased pain in the massaged part of the body, and even a feverish condition. This condition results from the self-healing process initiated, activated through deep rehabilitation massage.

What benefits does rehabilitation massage provide?

  • reducing pain;
  • muscle relaxation;
  • relief of inflammation;
  • stress relief - calms the nervous system;
  • strengthening the immune system;


  • recent operations - before the massage consultation with the attending physician is required;
  • active neoplastic disease - with some neoplastic diseases you can undergo massages, but for safety reasons you should consult your attending physician;
  • skin diseases (infectious) and non-infectious skin diseases with contraindications - please inform us before the massage because some skin diseases look unsightly and the masseuse may not know what the disease is and may refuse massage;
  • any contagious diseases - for the safety of therapists and other clients;
  • tuberculosis
  • heart disease;
  • overpressure
  • menstuacja;
  • acute colds, flu;
  • osteoporosis.


If you have serious musculoskeletal disorders, remember that it is always worth consulting an orthopedic surgeon who will show you the right path of treatment and contraindications. Rehabilitation massage can harm and cause aggravation of problems. Pains can appear for prosaic reasons, such as stress, sedentary work, but also the cause of pain can be cancer. The masseuse is not a doctor and will not be able to read the disease from the eyes or hand. It is also worth noting that one massage with this type of ailment will not help, you always have to do a series of such massages at appropriate intervals. The therapist will advise you on how many such massages should be given and which other massages should be combined. Chinese pain bubbles also have analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects, which are worth using with rehabilitation massage.