Thai SPA in Warsaw

Each of our treatments is a unique set of events after which you will leave light and relaxed. Treatments are performed by Thai masseuses in 100% according to Thai art. Each treatment ends with serving a traditional Thai drink called Nam Matoom, with a delicate bittersweet taste. The drink is made from a fruit called Bael (tasty tick). The drink normalizes bowel function and stimulates metabolism. It also prevents colds and upper respiratory tract infections.

Thai face and head massage with a mask

Masaż twarzy Thai World Spa Warszawa
Massage + mask 60 min With a discount
Thai face and head massage + gold mask 209 PLN 139 PLN *
Thai face and head massage + pearl mask 199 PLN 119 PLN *

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Thai face massage - is not only a pleasant, but above all a useful procedure, the main task of which is to restore the body's energy. This massage is designed to provide physical comfort, emotional stability...czytaj dalej ->>

Thai body rejuvenation (day spa)

Spa Thai World Spa Warszawa
Treatment / time Price With a discount
Body peeling (approx. 40 min) 169 PLN 119 PLN *
Algae for the body (approx. 40 min) 199 PLN 149 PLN *
Quick SPA (approx. 90 min) 249 PLN 199 PLN *
Small SPA (approx. 120 min) 299 PLN 229 PLN *
Afternoon at the SPA (approx. 150 min) 379 PLN 279 PLN *
Golden Afternoon at the SPA (approx. 150 min) 599 PLN 399 PLN *
Day at SPA (approx. 210 min) 499 PLN 339 PLN *
Golden Day at SPA (approx. 210 min) 719 PLN 499 PLN *

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