Thai World Spa - from idea to action

Kannika & Wojtek

Long long time ago :). There were two people who wanted to change their lives. Even then they had no idea how to do it and with whom, so they began to look for new challenges and acquaintances around the world. One person was interested in Europe, the other in Asia. Once upon a time, they met somewhere in the middle, i.e. on the Internet! They talked about business opportunities, there were many ideas, I will not cite them here, because some of them from the time perspective was simply unbelievable. These two people finally met face to face in Bangkok and this is how our life adventure began. None of us knew if the other party was a serious person and if worth meeting in general. In spite of everything and everyone, we decided what and how we will do. We said that we would start in Poland because it is a country of great opportunities. Unfortunately, the heartlessness and stubbornness of the goverment instytutions stretched everything in the time. I will not dwell on this here, because I could write a book about it and Polish officials would be presented there in a very bad light. In the end, I succeeded and found myself in Poland, and here the real plans and preparations began. In the meantime, it turned out that the other person became close for me, and the desire to create a serious business became more pronounced. After successfully completing administrative proceedings in Poland, we went to Thailand to lerarn technics of thai massages - I studied and my other half observe and plan. After returning, another year passed before we finished everything. The time has come for real investments and opening a business, everything was planned. We managed to rent a place in Smolna street and renovate it. We have done most of the work on our own and we still do it to today, we do not count on the help of any specialists.

It quickly turned out that Poles like Thai massages and the number of clients grew rapidly, which caused me to hire employees. We live together like a big family and that's why you can feel the warmth coming from therapists. Nobody forces anyone to anything. We have many loyal customers who have been with us from the very beginning and sincerely support us, for which we thank them very much. We do not want to stop on one showroom, we want to develop and open new ones all over Poland. In addition, there are plans to open a Thai massage school in our main location, i.e. on Smolna street, near Palma. Soon, a real Thai restaurant and a shop with Thai products will be created, start from food items and end on items difficult to get on the Polish market to run an Asian-style SPA.

And what else ?

Business is not everything, we also support Thai citizens in Poland. We help them fight govement offices and dishonest employers, which, unfortunately, are not lacking in Poland. If time permits, we will also provide them with legal protection and will assert their rights before labor courts. We also run charity activities in Thailand. To the best of our abilities and our friends in Poland and Thailand, we support poor children by providing them with the most necessary items, such as school supplies, clothing, and even food if the situation requires it. We do not do it to the extent we would like, but we try to remember about these little ones.