Cupping therapy

Still attacked by poisonous substances, the human body slowly begins to lose its natural defenses. Antibiotics, although effective in healing, put the immune system to sleep, while the bubbles activate it. The use of cold baths or rootlets is a solution that effectively activates the immune system, thanks to which treatment of these diseases can take place without the use of pharmacological agents. Setting fire bubbles or massage with a fire bubble involves preparing the skin by oiling it (in our salon we use natural, unrefined coconut oil), a preliminary bubble massage to warm up and relax the skin and then arranging the bubbles in the right places on the body. These places depend on the patient's ailments. Bubbles can be placed almost anywhere where pain or other ailment is located, which we want to treat with the help of fire bubbles. We distinguish two treatments, the first is placing bubbles in the right places on the body and a cosmetic variety that involves continuous bubble massage to make the skin elastic and reduce cellulite and the so-called orange peel.

When we use bubbles

  • chronic respiratory diseases;
  • colds: catarrhal infections, pharyngitis, tracheitis, flu;
  • recurrent angina;
  • chronic cough;
  • prophylactically - as a strengthening of the immune system in children who often develop respiratory tract infections and in bedridden patients who are immobilized for a long time;
  • bronchitis, pleurisy or pneumonia;
  • bronchial asthma;
  • radiculitis;
  • muscle aches;
  • neuralgia,
  • sciatica;
  • arthritis;
  • bedwetting;
  • irritable bowel syndrome;
  • absence or painful menstruation;
  • acute and chronic pain in the sacro-lumbar region.


  • extensive inflammatory skin lesions (allergic, purulent or fungal);
  • increased fragility of blood vessels;
  • haemorrhagic diathesis (poor blood coagulation syndromes e.g. hemophilia);
  • dyspnoea (e.g. asthma, respiratory and / or circulatory failure);
  • autoimmune diseases (so-called autoimmune diseases);
  • multiple sclerosis in the new relapse period;
  • anemia and general cachexia;
  • high fever (above 38.5 ° C);
  • unstable hypertension with systolic pressure jumps> 200 mmHg;
  • pregnant women are not allowed to cup until the 4th month of pregnancy because of the risk of miscarriage. From the 5th month of pregnancy, we do not put cups on the lower abdomen and lumbar region and when pregnancy is at risk. Do not use high negative pressure during pregnancy;
  • in the case of subcutaneous strokes and swelling caused by bruising or spraining, no bubbles should be placed within 24 hours of injury;
  • active cancer;
  • tuberculosis;
  • convulsions;
  • alcohol status;
  • bubbles should not be placed immediately after meals.


  • caution should be exercised in people treated with anticoagulants (aspirin, acenocumarol, etc.);
  • cupping is not recommended for people with a heart condition prior to their thorough examination and ECG results;
  • fire bubble massage can be very painful (it depends on the place of massage), just placing bubbles can also be painful depending on the place.