Thai sport massage

Thai sports massage is an integral part of the training of every athlete who has a lot in common with traditional Thai massage and oil massage, with the difference that it is performed using more strength and energy. Sports massage is an inseparable element of wellness, which is used in professional training programs. In addition, sports massage helps prevent injuries, eliminates the effects of overtraining, warms and relaxes muscles and prevents soreness after exercise. The athlete's full body massage resembles an isometric massage, which aims to rebuild muscle mass and restore muscle fitness before injury. Sports massage is performed to:

  • avoid injury;
  • muscle relaxation;
  • warming up muscles;
  • improve metabolism;
  • to eliminate the effects of overtraining;
  • remove tiredness of muscles and the whole body;
  • accelerate blood and lymph circulation;
  • improve the supply of nutritional products to the muscles.

Sports massage is a type of massage that is especially designed for athletes. It resembles isometric massage, because it helps to rebuild and increase muscle mass and muscle strength, and also reduces the fat tissue under the skin.